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Oil/Water Separator Cleaning & Maintenance


AGES and ConServ offer services in the cleaning of oil/water separators, as well as other large tanks and containers. In general accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, we clean oil/water separators by flushing internal surfaces three times with an approved solvent. In each rinse, we use a volume of flushing solvent that is equal to approximately 10 percent of the tank or container capacity.  There are a variety of approved solvents that can be used to clean oil/water separators.  These cleaning procedures may be modified slightly based on conditions encountered in the field.

We also offer an oil/water separator maintenance service.  We sample all oil/water separator tank liquids for PCBs (and other parameters as required) on a routine basis, prior to disposal through a client-approved, licensed disposal facility.  Additionally, we coordinate the shipping and disposal of basement liquids.


Call AGES, Inc. at (412) 264-6453 or ConServ at (304) 927-5033


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