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Drain Line Cleaning and Upgrades


AGES and ConServ will clean any PCB‑impacted drain lines or drain lines leading to and from a PCB-impacted sump. Prior to cleaning, we will vacuum accumulated fluids and sediment from the lines. If needed, we will scrub the inlets and outlets with wire brushes to remove scale. To collect cleaning fluids, we will stage appropriate tanks on polyethylene at the discharge end of the line. We will then double-wash and rinse each line with a jet-tool in general accordance with the procedure specified in the Code of Federal Regulations.  All cleaning fluids will be collected and containerized for later disposal.  There are a variety of approved solvents that can be used to clean drainlines.  The cleaning procedure may be modified slightly based on field conditions.

After the cleaning, we will collect samples of the effluent and mass wipe samples of the inlet and outlet (if needed) for analysis of PCBs. We will continue cleaning until the results of the effluent are below the program-specific action level. If cleaning to achieve these standards is not cost-effective or feasible, then the client may opt to remove, abandon in place, and/or replace sumps or drainlines in lieu of cleaning. If this is the case, cleaning and further sampling will not be required.


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