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PCB Paint Removal & Encapsulation


We employ a variety of methods for PCB paint removal, encapsulation and surface preparation. The method and equipment used depends on client specifications and the condition of the painted component. Our PCB paint removal methods include, but are not limited to, dry ice blasting, sandblasting, shot blasting, brush grinding, manual scraping, and the use of several types of power tools connected to a dustless, portable vacuum. Regardless of the removal method, we follow specific procedures in all work areas to ensure that blasting material is contained during the PCB paint removal process.  

We offer complete PCB paint removal from metal surfaces to meet the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) 2 standard for blasting to a near-white finish. Our staff is also SSPC coatings inspector certified and follows SSPC guidelines for paint removal on steel surfaces. Once the NACE 2 standard is achieved, all PCB paint is assumed to be removed and requires no confirmation sampling. If the standard is not met, then we will collect samples to confirm that action levels have been reached. 

After damaged PCB paint removal, painted surface/component encapsulation finishes the remediation process with either single-coating or double-coating, per the client’s specifications.


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