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Facility Upgrades and Retirement


From time to time, PCB-impacted facilities require upgrades or closure.  AGES and ConServ utilize the latest equipment and technology to address client project needs.  Our objective is to use our experience and understanding of industrial and commercial structures to ensure that all upgrades and retirement projects are managed properly and completed within the project schedule. Our personnel are able to quickly and safely complete complex and difficult tasks to bring about project objectives.  Our crews have extensive experience with all types of industrial cleaning, upgrades and closure of existing facilities.  Most often, closure of facilities will encompass the decontamination and demolition of equipment and/or structures.

During all work activities, our personnel conduct and record two (2) daily safety briefings to maintain safety awareness throughout the day. In an effort to maintain open communication with the client throughout the project, AGES and ConServ personnel submit an email at the end of each day highlighting the day’s activities along with anticipated work activities. Additionally, all of our field personnel are trained in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response and working safely in and around hazardous materials.


Call AGES, Inc. at (412) 264-6453 or ConServ at (304) 927-5033


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