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Facility Demolition & Decommissioning


For the Demolition and Decommissioning of PCB-affected buildings, we specialize in waste minimization. By sorting through PCB-impacted materials prior to demolition, we reduce the quantity of TSCA waste and save our clients money on disposal costs. In addition to sorting PCB-materials, we will remove asbestos containing material (ACM) from the above-grade portions of the building using a licensed asbestos abatement subcontractor. We will then size all sorted material (as needed), place it in DOT-approved containers and properly dispose of it off-site, in accordance with federal regulations. 

For the demolition of the above-grade portion of PCB-affected buildings, we utilize long-reach excavators equipped with bucket, shear, and grapple attachments. In general, the majority of structural debris will be contained within the building’s footprint to lessen the impact on surrounding soils.

When permitted, we segregate large steel items from the debris for recycling. Post-demolition, restoration activities may include minor grading and seeding, as well as straw application to areas that were impacted by the demolition to re-establish ground vegetation.


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