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Permitting and Environmental Compliance


Permitting and environmental compliance audits provide the foundation for effective PCB management of environmental liability issues. A detailed compliance audit will allow a manager to identify and manage PCBs before they become critical liabilities. Not only does this decrease exposure to liabilities, but preventative management of PCB-related issues is nearly always more cost-effective than dealing with the fallout of an environmental incident or regulatory fines. Within the current regulatory and economic climate, environmental managers often struggle to maintain compliance with new environmental regulations and keep environmental permits (NPDES, SPCC, etc.) current, while their funding and staffing is continually decreased.

Outsourcing of compliance auditing and permitting is an attractive option for many environmental managers. The personnel at AGES and ConServ have conducted environmental audits for many different types of industrial sites including natural gas facilities, automotive plants, nuclear processing facilities, chemical cleaning facilities, and light and heavy manufacturing sites. We have assisted clients in identifying and making systematic modifications needed to meet federal, state and local regulations. With our experience in working through the maze of ever-changing environmental regulations and our proven track record in environmental permit preparation, we are well qualified to team with industry on this critical task.


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