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Health & Safety Evaluations


AGES and ConServ are committed to providing a safe work environment. We pride ourselves on performing the highest quality work and we are committed to achieving the same level of health and safety performance. The foundation of this commitment is based on an integral part of our culture: our behavior-based safety programs. Accordingly, our staff is trained to follow specific health and safety procedures to help them assess potential risks and avoid recognized hazards through effective risk management.

Our Health and Safety Program is designed to recognize safety-critical behaviors and ensure that our staff understands them. Ultimately, the protection and well-being of our employees, clients, contractors and the general public is the primary concern. Our behavior-based safety program includes the following components: 1.) active leadership involvement with management; 2.) audits and positive observations to support safe behavior; 3.) company culture that is open and supportive of safety concerns and communications; and, 4.) measurement (and accountability) of safety activities and performance to confirm participation and commitment to the H&S Program.


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