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About AGES, Inc.


Incorporated in 1997, Applied Geology and Environmental Science (AGES), Inc. is an environmental consulting company that provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to clients with known or suspected environmental issues. With offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, our clients have contracted us for environmental assessment and remediation projects throughout the Eastern United States, including Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Our vast experience and professional knowledge has enabled us to work with an impressive list of clients on major, multi-state operations. Yet, we maintain a customer-driven focus, a culture of communication and a cost-effective corporate structure, allowing us to keep our costs low and your expectations high.

AGES has completed over 100 projects involving the assessment, management and/or removal of PCB-affected soil, concrete, paint, sediment, groundwater and non-porous surfaces. With vast knowledge of the unique sampling requirements of the PCB Mega-Rule, AGES staff specializes in several PCB services, including sampling, documentation, permitting, inspection, remedial oversight and project development. Our experience ranges from small projects to those including thousands of square feet of impacted concrete and hundreds of cubic yards of affected soil. 

AGES is a customer-driven organization with a reputation for customer intimacy and service not found elsewhere in the industry. With AGES, weekly cost and status reports come standard with every project. You can also expect frequent communication and customer site visits, all with no added cost. At AGES, we view our clients as people and not just projects. As a result, we work hard to understand our client's perspective and to effectively communicate our findings and ideas with them. We are committed to delivering top notch customer-service like you've never had before. For more information on AGES, visit

Why Hire AGES and ConServ?

Our partnership can provide your business with innovative, cost-effective solutions to your PCB-related problems through a single, consolidated effort. From assessment to management to remediation, we offer a complete package of expert PCB services that will keep your facility safe and compliant with the regulations.


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