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Window Replacement Project at Natural Gas Compressor Stations in West Virginia and Ohio


Previous sampling at 36 Natural Gas Compressor Stations in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia showed elevated concentrations of PCBs in multiple media throughout each site. Because PCBs are commonly found in windows and window frames (paint and caulk), the client decided to undertake a bulk window remediation project at these facilities. AGES was contracted to evaluate the impacts of PCBs on windows and determine the remedial actions needed.  

Based on the extent of PCB impacts and the condition of the window, AGES staff evaluated all windows at each site and determined that window replacements were required in several buildings at 13 of the original 36 facilities; all, of which, were found in either Ohio or West Virginia. Although more than 13 sites were found to have PCB exceedances, either the windows were able to be remediated or the buildings were scheduled for demolition at a later date.

After providing the client with cost estimates for this window project, AGES also performed oversight for the removal and replacement of over 600 windows in 23 different buildings.        


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