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Soil Management Plans: In Place PCB Management at 7 Facilities in Pennsylvania


Previous site characterizations at natural gas compressor stations in Adams County, Beaver County, Clinton County, Chester County, Franklin County, Northampton County and Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania revealed elevated concentrations of PCBs and other contaminants in soil, sediment, water and/or concrete. Following remedial actions, PCBs and other contaminant concentrations reached levels deemed protective for industrial use as a natural gas compressor station. However, these areas required long-term management to ensure continued limited access, as well as special handling procedures in the event of a future disturbance. The client hired AGES to create Soil Management Plans (SMPs) for each of the sites to provide site personnel with clear information regarding these matters and to ensure safe management of impacts into the future.

To manage PCBs and other impacts in-place, the client uses institutional controls (such as fencing, signage and visitor control) and engineering controls (such as epoxy coating, asphalt or soil caps) to limit access to the impacted areas. The SMPs provide information to site personnel regarding the location of the restricted areas and procedures to follow if these areas are modified in the future. This includes procedures to follow prior to any construction or media disturbance activities, corporate notification procedures, specialized training for workers and handling procedures.   

The SMPs also include a discussion of responsibilities for the implementation of the plan, deed issues (such as limiting property to non-residential) and an Annual Inspection Checklist that is used as part of the continuing process of ensuring future maintenance of institutional and/or engineering controls.


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