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PCB-impacted Boiler Replacement and Generator Removal in Kanawha County, West Virginia



Previous sampling in the auxiliary building of a natural gas compressor station indicated concentrations of PCBs that exceeded the action level of 1 mg/kg. The sources of impacts were found in paint on a boiler, two generators and associated piping, as well as in the concrete of the generator pedestals. The client determined that remedial actions should include replacing the boiler and removing the generator, pedestals and piping. The planned work to be conducted was performed by ConServ and oversight was carried out by AGES.  

Project Work:


Equipment Removal

Because components of the boiler contained asbestos, a licensed asbestos contractor removed all asbestos-containing material from the boiler. Afterwards, ConServ dismantled and removed the boiler, generators and associated piping from the Auxiliary Building.

Concrete Remediation and Waste Disposal       

After a temporary containment area was constructed, the two concrete generator pedestals and a portion of the concrete floor surrounding them were removed. Then, a new concrete floor was poured and the pipe chases were filled with concrete. Four roll-off boxes of waste were generated during field activities. Following disposal sampling for proper waste characterization, it was determined that two roll off boxes of non-hazardous waste and two roll-off boxes of non-hazardous TSCA waste, which were disposed of in accordance with regulatory standards.

Boiler Installation

After remedial work was complete, no further action was required and the work zone was cleared for the installation of a new boiler by an outside boiler installation contractor. All field work was conducted in accordance with standard industry practices.


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